How I care for my Clarisonic brushes!

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Loving something definitely comes with the cost of caring a great deal for it, and I definitely learnt that the same applies for my beloved Clarisonic brush!

This post will detail how I keep my Clarisonic in top condition no matter how much I put it to the test (and lets be real, I put my faith in my Clarisonic to remove everything the day throws at my face!)

So when I first began my relationship with my Clarisonic I was so excited to hear that it came with its very own sensitive brush head included! YAY, I got straight into using it and after the very first use I felt a smoother skin texture. A few days into using the Clarisonic, I knew this was one relationship I was going to be in for the long haul!

Something I was actually amazed and impressed with was the various brush head changes I was able to choose for my Clarisonic! Theres everything from a ‘Deep pore’ brush head, to a ‘Cashmere’ (yes I know, sounds soft!). Anyone would be able to find the perfect Cinderella brush head fit for their skin.

Let’s talk about the two accessories I love to ‘style’ my Clarisonic in; the ‘sensitive’ brush head and the super soft ‘Luxe Satin Precision Contour’ Brush head.

Sensitive Brush Head

This is the brush that comes included with Clarisonic and I love using this to double cleanse at night after a long day wearing a full face.

I have to admit, I used to dread washing my face just cause it was one of those tasks that were just tedious and boring. But since using the Clarisonic with this  brush head I genuinely look forward to cleansing my face! It’s so fun I sometimes catch myself wanting to go a second time over my face.

I just love the clean, smooth feeling I get after my one minute of self-indulgence I get from the Clarisonic afterwards!

Luxe Satin Precision Contour Brush Head

So 3 weeks into my love affair with my Clarisonic I decided that I would invest in another brush head, just to change things up a little in my daily routine.

What I absolutely LOVE about my Satin Precision brush head is how soft it feels! It’s almost like the brush is one super soft tail of a bunny rabbit (but for all the vegans out there, no animals are harmed/used! YAY). I would have to say, this upgrade was the best thing I’ve done for my skin.

I use the Satin Precision brush head in the mornings to give me that gentle wake up and prep my skin for a whole day’s full face of makeup. It helps my makeup stay on for longer and when you’re working at Sephora in such a fast paced, exciting environment, it definitely helps get me through the day! WINNING

This brush is especially super special  because it’s a smaller brush to fit in all the tiny nooks and crannies around my face. I can rest assured that every millimetre of my face is squeaky clean thanks to this little wonder!

Oh and one more thing that I was pleasantly surprised about when I opened the package of my new brush was the fact it came with its very own Brush head cover to fit this new brush head!

Giving my Brushes some LOVE

After each cleanse I rinse my brush with warm water before putting my brush cover back onto my brush to protect it between uses.

Every week I simply take my brushes off and give them both a bath by cleaning them in warm soapy water to help get rid of any residue that may get trapped within the brush.

Oh and not to forget, I like to let my Brushes retire when they’ve put in the hard yards keeping my face glowing! Every 3 months (maybe even a little earlier) when I notice my brushes are becoming a little tired and foundation stained I like to repurchase my brush heads so I can keep the glow going! The feeling of a new Brush head replacement is like when you’ve just filled the fuel tank in your car fully and your car feels like it’s been reborn, bursting with energy!

Just to show you a comparison of two of my favourite brushes I use everyday here’s a picture (Luxe satin precision above the sensitive brush head)

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I’d love to hear what your favourite Clarisonic Brush heads are! 

If you want to learn more about how to care for your brushes and what brushes you can purchase click the link below and it’ll take you straight to the Clarisonic site (theres also a cool video that shows you how to clean your brushes!) xo

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Love Anna xox




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