How I perfect my nails

This post will be all about how I create a ‘salon finish’ on my nails at home!

So whenever i get time out of my hectic schedule to sit down and relax, I love to do my nails just for a little self pampering. Whenever I do my nails Clients at work always compliment the finish and colour of my nails and ask whether I’ve done shellac on them.

And the truth is… I’ve never had shellac done on my nails ever!

I owe this look to the amazing Brand Formula X and their 3 little wonders called ‘The System’ (funny name, I know). Keep reading to find out all about this little kit that I’ll never skip when I’m doing my own nails.

All about Formula X’s ‘The System’

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Being completely honest, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to new products and I’m super selective about beauty products as there’s so many out there that claim to ‘fix this’ or ‘give that’. So a year ago when I was introduced to ‘The System’ I thought, yeah ok, sure it MIGHT make my nails last a little longer than if I didn’t use it. Man was I surprised!

This package is Amazing and I can’t live without ALL THREE of them. The way I see it is that all of them need each other to function at their very best.

So ‘The system’ has 3 main parts: nail cleanser, base coat, and top coat.

Nail Cleanser

The nail cleanser would probably be my ride or die if I HAD to choose only ONE as I learnt that it’s super important to remove all the dirt, dust and natural oils that your nail produces before applying anything on top. Basically its a clear solution that you paint on before you start that evaporates away to leave your nail clean and ready for the base coat.

Base Coat

Think of this as your cement that holds your bricks (nail polish) on. However, I personally find the Formula X base coat is different to other brand’s I’ve tried in the past because it dries down to a semi-tacky consistency to allow for the next step (nail colour) to adhere to the nail! It’s super cool and works a charm at preventing my nails from damage and yellowing that you may usually get when having your nails painted regularly.

Top Coat

So I’d have to say that this Top coat is what I owe all the compliments to!

It leaves my nails with a smooth and super shiny finish that literally looks like I’ve had my nails done with shellac or at a professional nail salon. Also, I’ve found that it helps my colour and nail condition last a lot longer; and working in retail and having to move, and touch a million things each day, this definitely makes a difference!


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In between the base coat and top coat i normally use 2 coats of my favourite OPI nail lacquer. And it also leaves a beautiful shine and dries super fast! Pictured above is my all time Favourite shade in ‘Tickle My Francey’ by OPI and definitely gets the most asks/ compliments!

So tell me, what are your tips and tricks for getting a longer lasting manicure? 

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Love Anna xo





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