Becca Jaclyn Hill LIMITED EDITION Champagne glow palette review

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YAY! So as you beauties may all know, Sephora Australia launched the Limited Edition Becca Champagne pop By Jaclyn Hill face palette on the July 11th!

This little post will detail swatches and a little review of the colours within the palette!

So immediately once I opened by beautiful palette I noticed that theres a little sample of The Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This primer is actually one of my favourites for creating a dewy and youthful highlighted look. The effect this highlighter creates almost looks like a ‘lit-from-within’ glow! My favourite!

So jumping straight to the good stuff and what you’ve come to read, we’ll get to the Limited Edition shades in this amazing palette!

The Palette features 5 shades, two of which are highlighter shades (Champagne Pop, and Prosecco Pop) and the remaining three; blush shades (Rosé Spritz, Amaretto, and Pamplemousse).


Champagne Pop

So this one is pretty self explanatory to all you beauty lovers who’ve gotten your hands on this stunning highlight released in late 2015. But for anyone who’s new to the Champagne pop collaboration this highlight is a light champagne (as the name suggests) coloured highlight which is perfect for any medium skin tone! I personally think this one is one of the most intense and universal highlights I own because of the slightly warm undertone of it.

Prosseco Pop

Now Prosseco Pop is a new edition only featured in the limited edition palette so far. In comparison to Champagne pop, Prosseco Pop is more of a yellow-gold highlight so it’s perfect for anyone who has a warm undertone as it just looks so natural but also subtly adds a ‘tanned’ glow to your face!


In terms of the blushes in the palette, Rosé Spritz is the only blush that is a ‘luminous blush’ which means it has flecks of shimmer within it and therefore not matte. If you’re familiar with Nars’ Blush in ‘Orgasm’, Rosé Spritz definitely reminds me of ‘Orgasm’. I actually love any shimmer shades on the eyes and am so tempted to use this as an eyeshadow too!

The other two blushes; Amaretto and Pamplemousse are two stunning blush shades which I think are both unique to one another. This is great because you get a variety of shades from a single palette YAY! Amaretto is a warm bronzy blush and would look great on any skin tone in my opinion to warm up the face whereas Pamplemousse is a brighter red toned blush that will be sure to show up on any skin tone too!

Below is a swatch of all the shades found in the palette in the same order as listed above!


Let me know what is your favourite shade out of the entire palette! 

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Love Anna xo 




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