Clarisonic Device Review!

I am so so lucky to have been invited to a very special event yesterday hosted by Clarisonic at the Ivy Lounge in Sydney. Having used my Clarisonic device already for half a year (and regretting not using it earlier!) I learnt even more facts and information about it.

I honestly can’t recommend the Clarisonic enough to anyone! No matter what skin type you are or how you currently feel about your skin, this device was definitely my skin-saver. This post is going to be all about my Clarisonic device; How I like to use mine and the entire ‘skin-sperience’ (my little term for skin cleansing experience)! So definitely keep reading!

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Ok, now being the brutally honest person that I am I have to start this off with a confession. It literally took me a good half a year to actually pluck up the courage to start using my device which I was so generously gifted to me at the beginning of my Sephora journey. Sad to say I regret not using it earlier, but hey at-least I’m using it now, and loving every minute of it!

The Clarisonic may look like a super scientific device at first and I definitely get clients asking what it does sometimes but it’s actually one of the easiest things to use (and trust me I’m not that good at technology!).

I use the Mia 2 which has 2 speeds, so depending on the day I’ll either change it up and use it on the second speed (universal speed) or keep it at my usual (low speed).

Both my morning and nighttime face cleansing routine involves my Clarisonic but the only difference is the fact that I change my brush head. In the morning I’ll cleanse my face using the Luxe Satin Precision Contour Brush head (for the detailed blog post on the brush heads I use click here) and my nighttime cleansing routine involves using my Sensitive brush head.

I simply wash my face and dampen it with water before applying my cleanser to my face massaging it into my face using my hands making sure I’ve applied it everywhere. Then once I’ve created a bit of a foam on my face I’ll then go in with my Clarisonic making sure that the bristles of the brush are a little bit damp, just so it feels a little more comfortable on my skin!

The T-timer on my Mia 2 device is amazing as it helps me keep track of when to move on to the next area of my face. How this timer works is it breaks the total minute of cleansing time into 4 sections in the respective order: 20 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. This timer ensures I don’t miss any part of my face. YAY!

Once the total 60 seconds is up (and let me tell you; it goes by soo quickly I always catch myself wanting to go again!) I rinse my Clarisonic Brush under a running tap to get any excess cleanser off the brush, give it a quick clean and pop it back on my vanity shelf to be used for my next cleanse. EASY 😀

So one of the reasons I was reluctant and nervous to try the Clarisonic Device was the fact that I have quite sensitive skin and I thought the brushes would be too harsh for my skin. This fear of mine was all in my head!

The first time I used my Clarisonic it felt nothing like I had imagined. The feeling of the Clarisonic if i was to desrcibe it, is basically a little bit of a vibration across the skin.This ‘vibration’ feeling is so gentle that even my sensitive and redness prone skin doesn’t feel irritated and in-fact feels super clean and fresh after a cleanse with my device.

Whats really happening on a microscopic level is a ‘Sonic Oscillation’ which is actually flexing your pore to ease the impurities and dirt out! Honestly; before last night whenever I explained to friends how much the Clarisonic helps to clean my face I would tell them ‘It’s the weirdest thing but I feel like it ‘massages’ the dirt and blockages out of my pores’ AND THEN when I heard Maria from Clarisonic last night explain that it ‘flexes’ the pore a LIGHTBULB moment went off! SO I WAS RIGHT! (I just didn’t know the correct terminology, hehe)

I loved learning so much about the device that has helped improve my skin and given me so much more confidence. I couldn’t recommend the Clarionic device enough!

So let me know how you like to use your Clarisonic! 

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Love Anna xox





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