Sneak peek on the New Cover Fx Australia launch!

So although Sephora and Cover Fx are quite young in the Australian beauty world, they’ve already made a huge splash with so much innovation in their brand!

A fun fact about the brand to get us started is the fact that one of the founders of the Cover Fx brand actually worked for MAC and produced some of their most famous products; Studio fix and Face and Body foundation being just a few to mention.

This post will give a little insight into all the new products that are set to come in Sephora Stores on July 20th (and let’s just say, our makeup game is gonna be taken to a whole NEW level).

So one of my Absolute favourite products of the entire complexion specialised brand would DEFINITELY have to be the Custom Cover drops. Being a lover of a full coverage foundation I am in love with these customisable drops that contain 100% pigment!

It’s actually amazing and super innovative. Everyone can’t get enough of these little wonders!

So leading on from my little testimony on the Custom Cover drops, we’ll jump straight into the new products which stem on from the same concept; Customisable, and innovative drops to suit anyone!

Custom Blot Drops aka. ‘Your liquid blotting paper’

Now anyone who’s oily will absolutely adore these new drops! Basically they’re a liquid which you can use before, after or mixed into makeup to create a mattified look.

And whats even better is the fact that the molecules within this solution do not absorb water , they only absorb the oil so your skin will actually love you for it! Great for anyone who constantly touches up with powders throughout the day but feels heavy and caked by the end of the day.

Custom Enhancer Drops (2 types: Bronzing and Illuminating)

So the same principle with the custom Blot drops, you can apply before, after or with makeup to create your own look. These are absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented so you can really customise your formulation and where you apply these for a different look each time!

As someone who absolutely falls in love with highlighters and that angelic glow, i cannot get enough of the illuminating drops. These are honestly the most metallic an pigmented liquid highlighters you’ll find, and one swatch below will prove to you that you could turn into the Tin Man with this liquid gold!

Perfect Pencils

The perfect pencils are honestly so innovative just like the other products being launched in 2016 by Cover Fx. What I personally love about these perfect pencils is that they’re such a fine tip, unlike some jumbo pencil correctors which can apply too much product. Also, they’re waterproof and ophthalmologist tested so safe to use for those under eyes or as an eye primer.

The fine tip allows more control and they’re so customisable for any area of the face. Using these as a highlighter around the lips or the brow is particularly my favourite kind of function!

Custom Click Sticks

So living in 2016 has proven to be super busy right?

These Cover Fx Custom Click Sticks are so portable for on the go that applying makeup on the go has actually never been easier! Especially foundation! You can choose from so many different customisable cartridges to suit you. Theres colour correcting, cream foundation, and even illuminating!

A fun fact is that the foundation click cartridges are actually half the product thats contained in the normal Best selling Cream Foundation product!


So what are you planning to get from the new Cover Fx range? 

Let me know on any of my Social Media Channels found on my contact page and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for beauty and fashion related pics everyday! 

Love Anna xo

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