5 tips to staying organised!



So it’s already halfway through 2016, and most of us are going back to school or uni so I decided I’d make a post to help us all out and also put us back into the rhythm of things for the rest of year!

This short post is going to be all about my top tips to staying motivated and organised. Whether that may be for School, University, or just in general for that matter!

1. List it out!

So I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a visual learner; for the most part atleast! Making a visual ‘to do’ list really helps to map out and plan everything you need to get done. Putting everything on a list also makes you more accountable for getting things done. Also, the satisfaction of crossing things of the list helps alot with motivating you to keep going!

Making a list can be as simple as jotting down some dot-points of things you need to do, or if you’re anything like me and love a little home decor coordination and cute stationery, you can buy awesome pre-printed lists that you can easily fill out!

Kikki-K has some really cute lists that I’ll link here that will be sure to motivate you to get things done!

2. Clear that workspace

So most of us would have a desk or study that we use to get work done at, but who really pays much attention to how tidy we keep it? I know that when life gets busy everything gets pulled out to be used and never gets put back! (we we speak, I have a whole lot of makeup, a charging Clarisonic and so much other miscellaneous objects lying on my table!)

Take some time each week (maybe once or twice a week depending on how messy it gets) just to put things back in their original position. Make sure your study/ desk is tidy and clean and you only have things necessary to get work done (yes, that means putting those little distracting objects away).

You’ll be sure to get more done and be more productive when your workspace is free of clutter and distracting things!

3. Prioritise!

So this one is pretty self explanatory, but basically I like to firstly make a list of things I need to get done, and then rearrange everything on that like in the order of when they need to be done.

In terms of assignments and deadlines for preparing documents, this works great as you’ll definitely have different due dates for different tasks.

And it only makes sense to finish what needs to be done earlier, before getting on to other things which are due later on in the future.

4. Use a calendar! 

So maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I love using a physical Calendar! If you’re a little more modern with the times, you can use your phone/laptop calendar.

Writing all your important deadlines, and events helps to organise everything from a larger perspective than just a daily/weekly approach. I love being able to see everything that is happening in a particular month.

This also helps with planning out when to get things done around dates!

5. Take a break!

If you’re not a natural at organisation, the tips in this post might be quite tiring to put into action. But this one’s a goodie; take a break from that assignment or task every now and then.

Do something you enjoy like going outside and taking in some fresh air! We all need a break every now and then, and this will definitely help you in being even more efficient with your energy when you get back to those tasks!

I hope these 5 tips inspired you to get organised for the second half of 2016! 

Whether it may be with studies or life, just enjoy yourself and have a positive attitude to whatever you do! 

Let me know what your favourite ways to motivating and staying organised are in the ‘Comments’! 

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Love Anna xo





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