New Brand Review: Le Bebe Coo Bath and Body!

So recently, there’s been a new brand launched which specialises in bath and body products called Le Bebe Coo! For everyone who’s new to this brand, it’s an awesome brands whose entire range is formulated without any nasties (ie. parabens, sulfates and formaldehydes) so it’s so good for anyone who has sensitive skin!

I love the fact this brand is formulated without nasties and its also made in USA, so I reckon thats also something super trusty about it. Packaging aside, I enjoyed most of the products from this range and felt so luxurious while using them!

Keep reading to find out all my thoughts on each of the main products!!

Le Bebe Coo Head-to-Toe body wash

This product is definitely one of my favourite products from the entire range! I love how this body wash smells amazing almost like vanilla, but just subtly, so it’s not super overpowering. I’ve been using this since I received it and I’ve been loving it, as it helps to moisturise my body whilst cleansing! I would have to say, that the bottle size is definitely worth the price $22. But I would have to purchase it every fortnight or so, so I definitely think that they should bring out a larger size just so that we can have peace of mind that we have enough to last us a while!

Le Bebe Coo Nourishing Lotion

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So this is the part where I tell you, that most days I’m so busy I can’t be bothered to lather lotions all over my body after I’ve cleansed. But whilst giving this range a trial, I’ve been really loving this nourishing lotion!

It’s a really nice lightweight texture, so it absorbs straight into the skin which is what I love! The smell of this is the same vanilla, coconut as the other products in the range. I must say, that this definitely does the job of hydrating my arms and legs after a shower.





Le Bebe Coo Colour protectant shampoo (Brunette) 

I found this product really interesting when I first received it because there was a range of different hair colours for different people in terms of ‘colour protection’ so I was definitely keen to try this one. The scent to the shampoo is just like all the other products in the range, and the shampoo feels really nice when you lather it.

The only thing I found is that for my hair, this shampoo did dry it out a little more than usual, so I would recommend this one for anyone who has a normal-oily hair condition as it may help for those hair types. Overall, I felt this product didn’t suit me as much as the others in the range.

Leave in Conditioner/ Detangler

Processed with Snapseed.I love using this Leave in conditioner as a detangler for my hair! So normally my hair can sometimes get quite knotty if I’m super busy and neglect my hair. It’s a super silky formula which is perfect as it helps when I’m styling my hair and it’s super easy to brush your hair out with this stuff! The bottle design is great as its an easy spray bottle which is perfect for spot detangling!

If you’re using this as a leave in conditioner I would suggest applying this product to damp hair so that it can fully absorb into the hair follicle! It works a charm and the next day your hair is actually so soft!





I honestly loved trying this brand new range out and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves natural products without all the nasties or someone who has sensitive skin! Also, not to mention, HOW ADORABLE IS THE PACKAGING!!

Let me know what product you’re most excited about from this awesome new range! 

For further information click here to visit the official Website of LeBeBe Coo!

Love from Anna x 


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