The new way to get Fuller lips without injections thanks to Benefit Cosmetics!


With the launch of Benefit Cosmetic’s new extension to the ‘They’re Real’ line, with the latest addition to tackle all bases of the lips!

So to start off, the packaging of this new lippie is super cute, and I love that this is the same shiny, titanium-like packaging that matches the They’re Real Liner and Mascaras! What I love about Benefit isn’t just their amazing philosophy and they’re fun nature towards life, but also how innovative their products are made.

The lipstick bullet is retractable just like all the other ones in the market. The unique thing about this lipstick though, is that it has TWO colours in each bullet! This makes an amazing subtle ombre look on the lips in just one simple swipe! Now you’ll never have to buy two shades of lipstick to create an ombre effect. Who else has the problem of not knowing what two shades match to create that look too? I think this lipstick solves those problems for you too.

Another unique point about this lipstick is that it has a ‘custom teardrop tip’ which is easy to use, and I definitely found that it was easy to apply and the formula of the lipstick was creamy and pigmented, finishing off to a demi-matte, subtle shine finish. I love the finish off this lipstick too, as it helps for anyone wanting to achieve that ‘full lip’ look, since it’ll help to reflect the light and create the illusion of fuller lips!


With the product stating on the packaging that it contains a ‘lipstick and liner’ in one, I personally feel it does deliver on that since the longwear and staying power of this formula is incredible! Even these swatches I did for this blogpost were difficult to get rid of with micellar water!

It’s so funny because anyone who knows me, knows I’m more of a pink or red lip kinda girl (lets just say, pretty standard basic colours) and so I hardly ever experiment with wearing oranges or bright cool undertone corals and reds. On applying the shade in this blogpost (Flame Game) I am so impressed! I really love the colour and I definitely feel like this shade is a lot more everyday wear than first anticipated.

Final thoughts on this new range of lipsticks is that it get’s my approval! If you’re after something fast and easy, and want to naturally enhance your lips definitely try the Double the Lip Lippies from Benefit Cosmetics!


I’d love to hear what you think of this new launch!

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Benefit’s New Dandelion addition to the family

Benefit Cosmetics’ Dandelion family just keeps getting better with the addition of the new powder highlighter which goes by the name of Dandelion Twinkle! Coming out today for us Aussie Beauty lovers, I am so so happy as it’s launched right on my birthday!

The packaging of this beauty is a beautiful metallic ballet pink, with a single dandelion on the outside of the trademark Benefit Boxed powder.

Described as a ‘nude-pink powder for highlighting and illuminating’ this is the exact function it fulfils.


When you open the box, inside you get an applicator brush for the highlighter which is specially shaped to be slightly rounded on the edges to apply your blush with a smooth blended application. Personally, speaking I find that for my love of intense and beaming highlighter on the face, this brush doesn’t give that effect. Instead, you will love the brush which comes with this product if you like a natural yet, lit-from-within glow.

The colour of the powder when you open the product is a light ballet pink, almost mixed with a pearly finish and there are no large chunks of glitter in the highlight shade.

When swatching this highlight, it definitely gives a natural lit finish to the skin, with a hint of a light powder finish. It is extremely fine and smooth to the touch, which I would think is because of it’s baked technology.


So here’s where you’re probably thinking, what is she going on about; but the scent of this highlighter is actually a delight to me! It smells a little bit like roses, or a slight floral scent! And anyone who knows me knows, that I love roses or floral fragrances and scents, so this highlighter is actually really impressing me!

Another awesome thing I love about all the box-o-powders that Benefit Cosmetics offers, is that no only do they provide a brush, but they all have an awesome mirror encased in the box, so it’s perfect for travelling and that sneaky makeup application on the go!

Final words on this highlight is that it’s definitely an awesome highlight for most skin-tones and those who are very fair will LOVE it! The packaging is on-point, and I am definitely gonna be rocking a slightly more subtle highlight over the next few weeks, thanks to this baby!

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Sneak Peek and First Impressions on MAC’s X Mariah Carey Collection


Hi Lovelies,

I was so excited to get my hands on some of my fave pieces in the Limited Edition MAC X Mariah Carey Collection! Honestly, even after spending so much money lately with Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t resist the temptation of this beautiful collection.

To find out about my faves, recommendations and also find out what I didn’t like (as much) keep reading!! Prices will also be shown for each product I post about so you can start saving up for when this officially launches in Australian MAC stores.


Touch My Body Loose Powder $40

This is one of those products that everyone MUST get from this collection! I love the whole concept of this product since I’m all about that glow and shimmer! This is a body shimmer and puff that comes in the most luxurious packaging. I love how evenly the delicate puff distributes the shimmer without any kind of patchiness. The shimmer lies beneath a plastic sieve-like covering, so that the product doesn’t fly up or lead to wastage which I think is super innovative and clever of them to make. The shimmer itself is not heavy or chunky with large pieces of glitter and glides on really smoothly. One of the things i also love about this product is that you could dip your highlighting brush into it and use it on the face as a highlighter for the face as well!

The only negative I can find with this product is that because the shimmer is quite a gold-bronze shade, it may not suit a fair complexion! However with summer amidst us, this is a great product to glam up your beach-to-party look! I also love how this is a novelty product in terms of what MAC sells usually, so I instantly grabbed this one when I got the chance.

Cremesheen Lipstick $40


The first thing i thought when I caught a glimpse of this lipstick was ‘OMG THAT GLITTERY BULLET’ I couldn’t even deal! The limited edition collection bullet is silver glittery with a gold band around the middle. It’s smooth to touch, even though it looks like a rough glittery exterior, which I love. The detail of the lipstick is on-point, with Mariah Carey’s signature on the inside and an engraved butterfly on the actually lipstick!

In terms of texture this lipstick is creamy (as the name suggests) and sheer in coverage. Because it’s got quite a creamy formula, it doesn’t last as long on the lips as a matte lipstick would, so I like wearing this when I’ve got little to no makeup on, or an intense eye look, to balance it out.

Most of the shades are quite pale nudes, so I decided I’d start with a more versatile nude for my warm complexion, this one is called ‘McIzzle’, super cute! I definitely feel like I’m going to grab more if not all, just to have as a collection since they’re right down my alley in terms of packaging!

Pro Longwear Lipliner $46 (‘New Ombre’) 

So this being my first MAC lipliner, I have to say I’m super impressed with them! These lipliners glide on so smoothly and don’t tug or drag on the lip. As well as that, they have a really good pigment and last really well on the lips. Theres 2 shades in this limited edition collection and both are beautiful nudes. I love the silver pencil and the gold lid which totally suits the entire collection theme. I’d probably say the only downside I have personally is that I dislike how it isn’t a retractable pencil since I always get caught without a sharpener at the best of times.

Lipglass Lipglosses $39


So if anyone knows me, I have a love for lipglosses, more just the shimmery, glittery effect that it gives and how beautiful the colours look in the tubes! I grabbed two beautiful pinky nude shades, and I love how the doe-foot applicator gives me enough to coat my lips in one go, so I don’t have to dip in a second time for more product. The colours are all really beautiful nudes and theres even a clear glittery shade which works well over any colours lipliner or lipstick!


Eye Shadow Quad palette (‘I’m that Chick you Like’) $72


So upon looking at this palette, I couldn’t pass on the packaging, and I’m also jus ta sucker for eyeshadow palettes in general! There are two palettes in this collection, one of them being a cool toned combination and one being warm. The palette I purchased (I’m that Chick you Like) is the warm toned palette and most of the shades did take a while to build up pigment apart from the Veluxe Pearl shade (Whenever you call) which was super pigmented but had a bit of fallout as a result. For the $72, I definitely think that there a better quality and valued eyeshadow palettes out there, but it’s a limited edition palette afterall, thats got super glam packaging!

So what are your first impressions upon reading about this Limited Edition Collection? 

What will you be grabbing when this amazing collaboration launches? 

Love Anna xo








Sneak peek: Australian launch of new Makeup Forever Products!


So incase you haven’t heard, Makeup Forever is bringing in a couple of new products to the table! The whole brand style is getting a revamp and slowly but surely you’ll see an awesome new ‘look’. I’m a huge fan of the direction of their design and it’s definitely a little more contemporary!

This post will cover 3 new products in their line that Sephora Australia will stock very soon! The three new products launching are; Water Blend Foundation, Excessive Lash Mascara, and the new Application Foundation sponge specially for the Water Blend Foundation.

Water Blend Foundation: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.49.41 PM

So this newbie is going to replace the Makeup Forever ‘Face and Body’ foundation. This is an awesome lightweight foundation thats great for a nice dewy look but also super long wearing! I love the fact this is a waterproof foundation, and it’s great for performers or anyone who loves to put their makeup on and have it stay on without a fuss.

Personally, I find that it’s a little light in coverage for my liking, but I love applying this one over the top of another foundation like my long-wearing Estee Lauder Double wear, and this works a charm at giving me a healthy, dewy glow! It works beautifully with the new Makeup Forever ‘Ellipse’ Sponge that I’ll be talking about a little further down in this post.


Excessive Lash Mascara:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.54.34 PM

Definitely my Favourite new release would be this tiny, but high impact mascara. This product lives up to the quote ‘Big things come in small packages’ for sure! It’s a new mascara, thats also a long-wearing, anti-smudge but non-waterproof formula. Even though this one doesn’t claim anywhere on the packaging to be waterproof trust me, I wore this through an entire day, and even when I got teary eyed from my tired yawning this mascara didn’t budge!

Also, for anyone who’s like me and has the short straight lashes, its great for getting right at the base of the lash and coating from there! The bristles on the wand of the mascara are shorter than your usual chunky thick wands, allowing easier application and making sure you don’t get your mascara on your eyelid! (yes, we’ve all been there)

I felt that this mascara was also not a heavy formula so it helped to keep my lashes lifted through the entire day. It definitely does what it claims and gives a good amount of volume (but your lashes are so defined and don’t clump together) almost like you’ve got lash extensions. If you like length, I’d definitely recommend just layering a lengthening mascara over this beauty!

NEW Ellipse Foundation Application sponge:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.14.19 PM

So if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE the Beauty Blender! I literally use this religiously everyday. But I can definitely see why Makeup Forever developed this sponge to be used with the new Water Blend  foundation. The texture of this sponge is more dense, so it doesn’t absorb as the light foundation that the Water Blend is. It’s a great sponge that applies the foundation directly onto the skin without making any streaks on the face!

I tried this one with my usual Estee Lauder Foundation and it gave me a fuller coverage than I got with my normal Beauty Blender, just because it is designed for a lighter coverage foundation so I assume it’s because it would be to build up something with a lighter feel.

This one is made from latex, so just make sure you don’t have allergies to latex. If you do, you might wanna stick to my favourite and purchase the Original Beauty Blender instead! 😀

So there you have it beauties! 3 brand new things to look forward to that are sure to be coming to Sephora Australia soon! 

Let me know what your favourite Makeup Forever Product is in the comments.

Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and social media channels at ‘Missannaqian’ for daily beauty, and fashion content! 

Love Anna xo



Sneak peek on the New Cover Fx Australia launch!

So although Sephora and Cover Fx are quite young in the Australian beauty world, they’ve already made a huge splash with so much innovation in their brand!

A fun fact about the brand to get us started is the fact that one of the founders of the Cover Fx brand actually worked for MAC and produced some of their most famous products; Studio fix and Face and Body foundation being just a few to mention.

This post will give a little insight into all the new products that are set to come in Sephora Stores on July 20th (and let’s just say, our makeup game is gonna be taken to a whole NEW level). Continue reading


Sneak peek: New Tarte Products to come!


Everyday I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am being able to get the very first news and information on makeup and skincare newness arriving to Sephora!

This post is a little sneak peek on the brand new Tarte range focussed on nudes launching in Australian Sephora stores in July! Read on for all the exciting newness!

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