Marc Jacobs Beauty ‘ReMarcable’ Foundation Review

So for all beauty lovers and those in between, the ‘ReMarcable’ Foundation would have definitely slipped into your feeds or conversations. For those who have never used this foundation, this will definitely be helpful for you to find out if this foundation suits you and you need to know about this amazing product!

So for all those who know me, they know I am in LOVE with Marc Jacobs Beauty products! Packaging, quality and style of the products from this brand are all top-notch in my books. So I definitely needed to try this foundation.

Let’s start with coverage and formula of this foundation product. The coverage of the ReMarcable foundation is definitely one of the highest (if not THE highest) that you will find in the market in terms of products ‘marketed’ as a foundation. With 50% pigment, in this formula, its bound to be perfect for a lover of full-coverage foundation.

Personally, I’ve always preferred a full-coverage foundation since I have pigmentation that I like to conceal. The fact that the pigment percentage in this foundation is so high, means that the texture of this formula is able to be very weightless and thin on the skin. I believe is great since there are some foundations on the market where I’ve tried to build up coverage but have to layer on a tonne just to achieve the same coverage! The only downside to having such a full coverage application is that it is super important to find the perfect shade, otherwise it’ll be quite obvious on the face!

The application of this product is highly unique as there is not pump, but instead a wand with a sphere on the end to ‘dot’ the product onto the face. While this application method is great since I didn’t have to touch any foundation throughout my entire makeup routine, I did notice that after a few uses of my foundation, the product would sometimes collect around the rim of the bottle making it pretty messy (and I’m not typically one for mess).

While applying the product I would definitely also recommend that you work in sections on the face, rather than applying the foundation to the face at once and then moving around to buff the product out. You’ll probably end up having product enough in your first application on a section of your face to actually finish off the rest of your face without having to go for seconds!

I’ve applied this foundation with both, wet and dry beauty blenders, and a buffing brush and have definitely come to the conclusion that the buffing brush is the perfect match for this fool-proof formula! Although you’ll still get a get a great coverage with the beauty blender, I found that with the buffing brush (I used the Marc Jacobs Face III brush) you have a lot more ease in working the product well into the skin and you’ll find the foundation becomes ‘one’ with the skin, being even less detectable, but still providing that flawless finish you’re after!

The wear throughout the day with this foundation is the same as other foundations I have tried with a full-coverage, long-stay formula. I have oily-combination skin type and for me, anything tends to slide off in hot weather, so I would still set this foundation with a translucent powder, and touch-up throughout the day to keep it from sliding.

This foundation definitely comes with a high-end price tag ($79 AUD) but knowing the little amount of product that I’ve needed (4 dots) for a full-face routine, it’s well worth it!

What do you think of this ReMarcable Foundation?  

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Sneak peek: Australian launch of new Makeup Forever Products!


So incase you haven’t heard, Makeup Forever is bringing in a couple of new products to the table! The whole brand style is getting a revamp and slowly but surely you’ll see an awesome new ‘look’. I’m a huge fan of the direction of their design and it’s definitely a little more contemporary!

This post will cover 3 new products in their line that Sephora Australia will stock very soon! The three new products launching are; Water Blend Foundation, Excessive Lash Mascara, and the new Application Foundation sponge specially for the Water Blend Foundation.

Water Blend Foundation: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.49.41 PM

So this newbie is going to replace the Makeup Forever ‘Face and Body’ foundation. This is an awesome lightweight foundation thats great for a nice dewy look but also super long wearing! I love the fact this is a waterproof foundation, and it’s great for performers or anyone who loves to put their makeup on and have it stay on without a fuss.

Personally, I find that it’s a little light in coverage for my liking, but I love applying this one over the top of another foundation like my long-wearing Estee Lauder Double wear, and this works a charm at giving me a healthy, dewy glow! It works beautifully with the new Makeup Forever ‘Ellipse’ Sponge that I’ll be talking about a little further down in this post.


Excessive Lash Mascara:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.54.34 PM

Definitely my Favourite new release would be this tiny, but high impact mascara. This product lives up to the quote ‘Big things come in small packages’ for sure! It’s a new mascara, thats also a long-wearing, anti-smudge but non-waterproof formula. Even though this one doesn’t claim anywhere on the packaging to be waterproof trust me, I wore this through an entire day, and even when I got teary eyed from my tired yawning this mascara didn’t budge!

Also, for anyone who’s like me and has the short straight lashes, its great for getting right at the base of the lash and coating from there! The bristles on the wand of the mascara are shorter than your usual chunky thick wands, allowing easier application and making sure you don’t get your mascara on your eyelid! (yes, we’ve all been there)

I felt that this mascara was also not a heavy formula so it helped to keep my lashes lifted through the entire day. It definitely does what it claims and gives a good amount of volume (but your lashes are so defined and don’t clump together) almost like you’ve got lash extensions. If you like length, I’d definitely recommend just layering a lengthening mascara over this beauty!

NEW Ellipse Foundation Application sponge:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.14.19 PM

So if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE the Beauty Blender! I literally use this religiously everyday. But I can definitely see why Makeup Forever developed this sponge to be used with the new Water Blend  foundation. The texture of this sponge is more dense, so it doesn’t absorb as the light foundation that the Water Blend is. It’s a great sponge that applies the foundation directly onto the skin without making any streaks on the face!

I tried this one with my usual Estee Lauder Foundation and it gave me a fuller coverage than I got with my normal Beauty Blender, just because it is designed for a lighter coverage foundation so I assume it’s because it would be to build up something with a lighter feel.

This one is made from latex, so just make sure you don’t have allergies to latex. If you do, you might wanna stick to my favourite and purchase the Original Beauty Blender instead! 😀

So there you have it beauties! 3 brand new things to look forward to that are sure to be coming to Sephora Australia soon! 

Let me know what your favourite Makeup Forever Product is in the comments.

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Love Anna xo